Dusty is an award winning Illustrator and Designer living in Atlanta, Ga. He follows in the family tradition, his father having been a painter, and excels where physical and digital art meet. Dusty has been working for Mellow for nearly nine years and has been at the forefront of countless Brand Development endeavors, including the design and direction of the last nine annual Mellow Mushroom Calendars as well as a multitude of Mellow apparel designs. Aside from doing Illustration and design for nearly twenty years, Dusty has also illustrated two dozen internationally published graphic novels. His major interests include sci-fi, robots, dragons, and graffiti.


Will Evans, the resident Art Director of Threds for over 10 years, serves as the lead designer for many of Mellow Mushroom's 'House of Shroom' products, or what he likes to call "delicious curiosities". Will has been producing art for over 20 years and draws inspiration from underground comics and psychedelia art. Will's favorite product to design is the t-shirt: the perfect blank canvas for designers, where resolute design meets great art. He orchestrates success within his team on a daily basis by emphasizing the importance of purposeful and impactful design.


Jeff is a resident artist at Threds, based in Knoxville, Tenn. A talented and experienced artist, Jeff has been making art for over 30 years for a variety of Brands, but he is most attracted to Mellow Mushroom for its non-corporate aesthetic. Jeff has worked with a large variety of artistic mediums such as painting, animation, illustration, and printing, but he currently concentrates mostly on graphic styles. When he's not creating visual art, Jeff plays music in an indie rock band and tours the country weekend warrior style. His favorite Mellow Mushroom food is the classic "Philosopher's Pie".


Brandon is a resident artist as Threds, based in Knoxville, TN. With 20 plus years experience, Brandon is a talented illustrator who enjoys creating original and complex designs with much detail and technical proficiency. His whimsical and fantastical style of design marries itself fluidly to the Mellow Mushroom mindset. Although Brandon is inspired by comic book artists such as Tim Vigil, he is also heavily influenced by music and claims that different styles of music motivate him in completely different ways. Brandon's favorite Mellow Mushroom munchies are the Oven Roasted Wings.


Chad has been a resident Threds artist, website designer, and freelance artist for over 10 years. When bringing the imaginitive House of Shroom designs to life, Chad has a dive-right-in approach and is not afraid to take artistic risks. His favorite part about working with Mellow Mushroom is the experimental approach to innovative design and the opportunity to continue to expand and grow the brand. Chad draws inspiration from a myriad of thoughtfully designed products, anything from automobile design to films or retro packaging. When Chad isn't creating art, he loves to eat Mellow's Kosmic Karma.


Ryan McCray is a graduate from Nossi College of Art in Nashville, TN. Originally from Pennsylvania, he has been working as a designer in some very unique places and locations. Progressing from a small print shop in Virginia to a decade of advertising with a telecommunications company in Nashville, TN, he has definitely honed his skills. Opportunity presented itself with a move as he transitioned from the print world to apparel. This new venture has become inspiring as he pursues his passions for computer design, conceptual ideas, and fine art skills. His favorite Mellow food is the "Muffuletta" pizza.


Amy Senn is a self taught artist and designer who has been creating artwork since she could hold a pencil. Originally from Atlanta she began producing unique art pieces for Mellow Mushroom in the mid 90's. While her style and mediums have changed over the years, her current work has been described as "transcendentally inspired folk art". Her favorite Mellow food is the gluten free Kosmic Karma pizza and her favorite drink is the RB Margarita.


Destiny is a graphic designer and hand lettering artist based in Atlanta, GA. Unlike most of the other House of Shroom artists, Destiny is new to the professional design world, having just graduated from the University of Georgia in 2015. By day she is part of the design team at Mellow Mushroom, and by night she can be found probably eating pizza (also at Mellow Mushroom). Her interests include typography, traveling, and red wine. She enjoys making art for pizza’s sake.

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